Idiotic War

War is so ubiquitous, we forget how utterly idiotic it is. When soldiers invade a country, they destroy its infrastructure and homes that they will need months later for the occupation. War selectively culls the fittest young men, leaving the pudgy, ill and deformed to spawn the next generation. The Pentagon uses more fossil fuels than anyone else on earth — hardly a wise move when the motive for war is gaining control of dwindling petroleum supplies. Once the war starts, almost no one on the front line actually enjoys it. Even the sadists don’t like the living conditions. They just think they will relish it. The people who enjoy war most never go near the theatre of war. They make billions billing and bilking the government for war materials and services. Why should they get all the benefits and none of the pain?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)