Toy Evil

One of the reasons I have so much contempt for Christians is their simplistic view of evil. To them it is a giant football game. Yahweh is the leader of one team; Lucifer is the leader of the other. Yahweh and his team behaves worse than their counterparts, but for some reason they are considered the team that we are supposed to root for. If someone commits a crime, it is because they have been seduced secretly by a member of Lucifer’s team. Good is defined as Yahweh did it. The only incentive to behave is a threat of imaginary torture after death.

The Christian view ignores personal responsibility. There is no examination of which particular behaviour is acceptable. There is no examination of what makes people behave badly, and why they reform. It lumps all wrongdoing together as if it were a type of porridge. Then of course they have scapegoating: human sacrifice to forgive the sins of a third party. They also have the notion of buying pardon for sins, where the money goes to the church, not the aggrieved party. It is corrupt at its foundations.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)