The Heroin War

Canada, along with the USA and Britain, invaded Afghanistan in 2001. They installed the world’s biggest heroin drug lord, Hamid Karzai as puppet dictator. The Taliban had all but eliminated the heroin trade. Under Canadian rule, it soared to #1 in the world, $1 trillion a year, more than enough to satisfy all the junkies on earth. The Canadians did absolutely nothing to suppress the heroin trade. It would not have been hard to stop it. After all, the Taliban were able to without any technology. The Canadians had the advantages of satellite surveillance, martial law, easy to spot poppies, a desolate landscape, no need for search warrants and no environmental impact studies for mass herbicide use. The Canadians stand accused of being involved in the drug trade. They deny it. They claim, to a man, they are all Dudley Dorights. I find this implausible because $1 trillion a year is enough to bribe every Canadian soldier in Afghanistan with $3.7 billion dollars a year. It seems the thankless job of being a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan might not me so thankless after all.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)