Trump begged off his duties after only 1.5 days of work, claiming exhaustion.

Trump is 71 the oldest president ever. He is 22.68 kg (50 lbs) overweight. He believes a crackpot idea that exercise is harmful. He lives on a high-fat diet of McDonalds fast food. (He claims the white house chefs are poisoning him, and McDonalds don’t know he coming.) There are very few people with bodies that decrepit capable of withstanding two days as president of the USA. Bill Clinton was in better shape than Trump and he needed a quadruple bypass. Trump’s behaviour (the slurring, the muddy headedness, forgetfulness) might possibly be explained by a mild stroke.

The army is supposed give him a day-long extensive physical once a year including a CAT (Computerised Axial Tomography) scan and heart stress testing. He is 1 year and 1 day overdue for his checkup.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)