Screw Sales Gimmicks

Vendors think they are attracting me with gimmicks, such as cash back, rebates, air miles, coupons, no payments for two years, club cards, point coupons, discount stickers, Canada Tire money, lottery discount cards etc. They are just jerking me around making the sale more complicated and time-consuming, most of the time with some deception about the true value of the perk. I run the other way when I see this crap. The overhead of managing these schemes just raises overall prices. Just lower the sticker price! That is the only honest way to deal. Even a simple discount is often a scam. When you get to the counter, they tell you the discount has already been applied to the sticker price, so there is no discount, or the cashier forgets to apply the discount manually since the scanner knows nothing of it. Cash back makes you pay pointless extra sales tax and they make you jump through such hoops and they pull so many deceptive tricks (like selling product with long-expired cash back coupons), that most of the time most customers never get their refund.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)