Earth, We Have Some Serious Problems

We earthlings have some serious problems creeping up on us. In various ways we are destroying our planet making in incapable of supporting humanity. Some of the ways include: climate change, pollution of air and water, soil erosion, overpopulation, nuclear war, bioterror, extinction of most of plants and animals on earth, destruction of habitat…

The main reason we are having so much trouble is because, back in the 1600s we invented artificial humans called corporations and set them out into the world with enormous financial power, no morals and a blind desire to make as much money as possible in the short term, no matter what the consequences. Natural human greed and selfishness has played a big rôle too.

It has got so bad that it looks like, within 200 years, humans will go extinct, or if we are lucky, just sent back to the stone age. There is almost no chance we will make any progress on any of these problems because with the Roberts Supreme Court decision, corporations now control the government and corporations do not care about sustainability. In fact, they are actively opposed to any efforts at sustainability because they imagine it will reduce their profits a fraction of a percent. (It is too bad corporations don’t take a slightly longer term view. Then they would realise if they drive humans extinct there will be no business at all.)

I can see only one ray of hope. AI (Artificial Intelligence) might just become smarter than us soon enough to take over and make-us/persuade-us/trick-us to see to our own self interest and start living in a sustainable way. Stephen Hawking has pointed out that developing AI is fraught with danger. However, given we are going to go extinct soon anyway, we have no choice but to take the chance.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)