Secession Drawbacks

Secession is plausible only when you look at the emotional benefits but ignore the practical drawbacks including:

  1. The huge expense of taking on the functions the feds used to handle, e.g. military, embassies, FDA (Federal Drug Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), immigration, supreme court… It requires cloning all the federal bureaucracies in miniature. You lose the advantages of economy of scale.
  2. Loss of political power. A separate Britain, Barcelona, Texas or Québec would be an insignificant player on the world stage. It could no longer bully to get its way. Cuba or Mexico could invade an independent Texas whenever it pleased with no fear of nuclear reprisal. United we stand; divided we fall.
  3. For land locked states, loss of access to international trade. River access could be blocked by surrounding states.
  4. Its small government would be vulnerable to being taken over by religious extremists or any other flavour of extremist. Small governments tend to be erratic and quirky.
  5. The odds of your tiny new country winning an Olympic medal are remote.

The appeal of secession grows with the amount of alcohol consumed. Talking about secession is just a lame way to complain. Threatening secession is like a manipulative wife who threatens to leave just to get her way. It is an infantile fantasy.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)