Economy Improving Is Not Necessarily A Good Thing

When you say the economy is improving, what do you mean? It means more cars are being manufactured and sold, trucks are shipping more miles, more tonnes of fertiliser and pesticides are being applied to fields, more gold, lead, copper and iron are being mined, more land is being cleared to build housing subdivisions, the population in growing, more people are being held in jails. More people are being processed though hospitals. More coffins are being built. For the most part, you are saying that humans are doing more damage to the environment than before. Ask any mathematician if it is even theoretically possible for the economy to improve indefinitely. He will tell you it can’t because the planetary environment that sustains economic activity is finite. Given that the more the economy improves the less time we have before we do ourselves in by irreversibly ruining the environment that sustains us, I question the term improves. Improving the economy should mean making it sustainable.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)