Health Care Views

There is so much B.S being slung in the American health care debate, trying to turn it into a freedom issue. There are essentially two points of view:

  1. Whether people can afford it or not, they deserve health care. You can’t just toss sick or injured people out onto the street to die. We have to look out for one another!
  2. The ideal health care system is one that serves only the elite. Care for the important people should not be watered down by letting the little people in. The healthy and wealthy should not have to subsidise the health care of the sick and indigent. If people cannot pay, they deserve to die. Greed is good!

Americans pay twice much (and for inferior care) as people in other developed nations do, nations that cover everyone. Americans can’t afford to continue avoiding public health care on childish, delusional, ideological and emotional grounds.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)