Is Atheism A Religion?

If atheism were a religion, it would have a holy book and a creed. It would hypothesise invisible supernatural beings and events. It would have a clergy. It is missing all these things. So if you want to classify it as a religion, it is an extreme outlier. If atheism is a religion, then baldness is a hair colour. It is none-of-the-above in a list of religions.

Science has a set of rules of thumb to avoid self-deception. It has procedures for double and triple checking new knowledge. Some of the rules are formalised by the mathematics of statistics. These rules can be shown to actually work. They are not blind articles of faith. Though scientists tend to be atheists and atheists tend to be scientists, they are not the same thing.

Creationism is a hypothesis that came to a priest in ancient times, who pronounced it as absolute divine truth without any evidence whatsoever. The competition in science came from millions of observations of our planet. It is anything but an article of faith. Granted, it might look that way to those who flatly refuse to study the story of how these conclusions were reached with observation, mathematical modelling, debate and experiment.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)