School Prayer

In the USA, the supreme court has interpreted the first amendment of the constitution to disallow school prayer. The reasoning is the state has no business proselytising any particular religion to the students. In the bible belt, schools routinely violate this law. They justify themselves on the grounds only 5 students objected. These 5 students will typically be harassed, beaten up and driven from the school. This suggests in actuality there were probably considerably more people who quietly objected. When Christians are in the majority, their bigotry and bullying expresses most fully.

However, even if nobody objects, school prayer is still illegal. Browbeating objectors into silence does not make school prayer OK. The students and staff who participate in such prayer are scofflaws. They have all violated their oath to their country and the constitution. Christians imagine because they are a majority, they are above the law. The constitution does not apply to them.

Ironically, Jesus himself was against school prayer Matthew 6:5-6. He felt prayer should be done in private. I have seen videos of school prayers in the USA. They are not prayers. They are screaming, hooting victory chants over the atheists. The students literally make ape-like hoots.

Similarly, Christian school boards repeatedly break the law and attempt to teach Christianity in the science class in the guise of creationism or intelligent design. To force them to comply requires some private organisation to fund a court challenge. No sooner are the Christians defeated than they start over. They hope to win by attrition, exhausting the resources of those trying to get them to comply with the law. I am surprised the legal system does not smack the Christians down with escalating fines for their repeated violations.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69) hypocrites click to watch