Something From Nothing

Something can’t come from nothing

~ David VanderHoff

But that is not true. I have explained to you over and over that Quantum Mechanics has known for a century that particles pop into and out of existence without cause all the time. You pretend not to hear. Further, the universe at the time of the big bang was less than the size of an atom. I know it violates your intuition. Don’t feel bad. It boggled Einstein too.

But let’s assume you found some valid variant of this argument. Let’s assume you demonstrated that something must have preexisted the universe and it created the universe. However, that does not tell you a damn thing about it. It might be a mortal advanced being living in another multiverse. It might be Ganesh. It might be some creative force field. It need have nothing at all in common with Yahweh. You have no idea where it came from, or any of its attributes, other than it is capable (perhaps working as a team) of creating universes. You have no evidence at all the creation occurred in a way remotely like that described in Genesis. You have no idea how it created the universe. You have no idea of its personality or why it created the universe.

William Lane Craig at that point does a magician sleight of mouth and tries to pretend the only conceivable creator would be Yahweh/Jesus and that he has just proved Jesus was born of a virgin and died for your sins. The dishonesty makes me heave. I feel unclean to be living on the same planet with that slimebag.