Cited Book: State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III

book cover recommend book⇒State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III
by Bob Woodward 978-0-7432-7224-7 paperback
birth 1943-03-26 age:73 978-0-7432-7223-0 hardcover
publisher Simon & Schuster 978-0-7432-9325-9 Kobo
published 2006-09-30 9780743293259 Nook
  978-0-7435-6567-7 audio
  B000JMKVMQ kindle

Woodward has written a number of previous books praising Bush, but now he has had a second look and has decided Bush has been deceiving the American public about the Iraq war. The Iraq war is accomplishing nothing and gradually getting more and more violent.

George W. Bush emerges as a passive, impatient, sophomoric and intellectually incurious leader, presiding over a grossly dysfunctional war cabinet and given to an almost religious certainty that makes him disinclined to rethink or re-evaluate decisions he has made about the war.

It reveals that former Chief of Staff Andrew Card talked to Bush on two different occasions about replacing Rumsfeld. Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and even Laura Bush supported the decision, but it didn’t happen.

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