Beneficiaries of Gun Law Laxness

The USA has the laxest gun laws of any developed country. It has the highest rates of gun violence and gun deaths. Who benefits from this laxness:

Who is harmed:

The benefits are minimal compared with the costs. Gun manufacturers have convinced Americans their constitution forces them to put up with this nonsense and that doing so is a holy duty. All the constitution says is that states have a right to organise a militia. It says nothing about the right to take a machine gun into bar or carry a concealed sawed-off shotgun into a bank, of children to take guns to school, to leave a loaded pistol in an unlocked drawer where a toddler could get hold of it or to accumulate a cache of kevlar-piercing weapons sufficient to wipe out the city’s police force.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)