Economic Argument for DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell)

I will not agree to have this bill [to repeal DADT ] go forward because our economy is in the tank.

~ John McCain (1936-08-29 age:81) 2010-12-03

He reasons that gays should be granted equal civil rights only once the economy is bullish. That is a bit like saying they will get their rights when pigs fly, the way thing are going. What is he thinking? Civil rights don’t cost anything. Money would be saved. Think of the money wasted with trials for the 40,000 gays already evicted, wasting all their expensive training, replaced by expensive contractors. It is not as though gays are responsible for the poor economy and need to be punished until they stop hurting it. McCain is just bloviating yet another idiotic excuse for bigotry, on par with because it is Tuesday or because it is snowing.