Don’t Play With Lions

Anything parents are absolutely sure is true and important, they tell their kids as soon as they can talk. Don’t play with lions. Don’t set your grandmother on fire. These commands are like firmware, permanently burned in. It is almost impossible to change such beliefs.

If somewhere along the line a command gets burned in, Don’t do anything that would piss off Yahweh or he will torture you (us all) for eternity. It will get passed as a prime directive to subsequent generations. It is like an intergenerational virus.

This suggests the best way to rid the world of religion is to do as much as possible to stop religious brainwashing of children, or to get counter messages embedded as young as possible.

Much of the apparent insanity of believers comes when they hold rational beliefs that counter these burned in ones. They can’t make sense!

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)